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Metropolitanka – Gdańsk Shipyard – women’s routes
Until recently, the Gdańsk Shipyard, a key place for Europe’s recent history, has been associated solely with men who dared revolt and start a strike. However, one may not forget that there were women among workers at the shipyard. The “Metropolitanka” project reveals extraordinary women at the shipyard who with their lives and efforts have changed history. The visit can be made along three tours. Route “S” – devoted to Solidarity women activities and route “P” to women employees of the shipyard. Route “A” is about women artists operating at the shipyard and it is about persons involved in the arts generated at the Shipyard who will show you around. The tour lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. You can enrol for a free guided tour with the organiser.

Projekt Metropolitanka
Metropolitanka to projekt herstoryczny (z ang. “her story” – „jej historia”, w przeciwieństwie do “his story” – „jego historia”), który opowiada o roli kobiet w historii, często pomijanej w akademickich, szkolnych oraz codziennych rozmowach. Herstory, czyli historie opowiadane z perspektywy kobiet, mają pełniej odmalować dzieje Pomorza.


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